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Send Courier / Parcel to UAE at Great Prices

  • Collection from your home or office
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Door to Door delivery services available
  • Protection cover available
    • Delivery within 2 to 3 days to main cities in India.
    • Relocation package/ transfer of residence available.
    • Insurance available on request.

    Our Service to UAE

    The United Arab Emirates economy is the most diversified in the Middle East, while its city of  Dubai is an important global city and an international aviation hub. With our strategic alliance coupled with the extensive knowledge in the courier industry, offers excellent service at economical rates in delivering couriers/ parcels to Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

    Our Experience is Our Mark

    We understand the importance and delivering your documents and Parcels, whether it is Urgent Documentation and are well Experienced in delivering them. For the past Several Years we have been handling Courier shipments for UAE companies based in UK and delivering shopping goods from UK to UAE. We also have dedicated team for imports from UAE to UK.

    Help with Documentation (at Sending) & Delivery (at reception)

    Any Non-Document Parcels to UAE requires Customs papers  and it might get really confusing and complex on documentation depending on the contents of the parcel.

    Other than being one with one of the cheapest rates, we also provide help with information regarding the paper works – Absolutely Free of charge while sending the parcel.

    We regularly update our documentation / customer service knowledge with Customs procedures and latest regulation. However, do note that it is the receiver’s responsibility to deal with customs duties when delivering goods in the receiving country (at UAE).

    For gift parcels there is an exemption from duties and taxes for shipments worth less than 1,000/- Dirham. 

    Online Tracking

    Up-to-date status of shipments sent through us can be tracked on our website or directly from the supplier’s website*.

    Convenient Collection

    We can arrange parcel collection from your Home or Office at a mutually convenient time. Just mention time of your preference either in the order or to our Customer serivices separately via email quoting the order number, and we will do the best cheap courier urgent courier to India to accommodate your convenience, a service not provided by many other service providers.

    Tailor made Services !!

    We Offer a tailor made services for your parcel too,including delivering shopping goods from UK to UAE.  Just Contact Us for more information.

    With our alliance with worlds best courier services we offer a premium service at an economy rate. For an instant quote please click, we will able to help with your heavier parcel with special quote.

    * Depending on tracking information / service provided by the Suppliers

    ** Customs Service support for clearing the parcel from customs might involve costs depending upon the service involved.

    *** Surcharge will depend on the remote area and will be confirmed by our Customer Services separately. This will be in addition to the prices shown on

    Interested ?

    It could be your Gifts to a loved one in Dubai, or a business sending a large commercial shipment to Abu Dhabi, or may be urgent Documents delivery for office! Simply login and book courier with Service of your choice.

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    Simply do search and generate a quote. Once you are happy with the service, raise an order. We will get in touch with you shortly to confirm and advice further.