We Ship Luggage's, Boxes, Passport, Documents, Bikes, Holdall, Golf, Musical Instrument For You.

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How Delivery Works

We have streamlined the process for your convenience. You can simply complete your booking in 4 easy steps.

1. Book Online

Book courier using Website or Mobile

2. Print Label

Print & Attach the label sent to you by our team

3. Collect Parcel

We collect your Parcel at your convenience

4. Delivery

We responsibly Ship your parcel to Delivery Address

Who we are?

At GetMyParcel, we provide various shipping options to satisfy your requirements. Whether you want to send luggage or boxes, documents or parcels, bikes, ski bags, or golf equipment, we’ve all the options for you.


Save your money with us

If you are indeed looking for the cheapest way to ship luggage, GetMyParcel offers the most reliable parcel service in the industry with competitive rates for students and travellers with tracking. You can conveniently ship your luggage worldwide and track it using your tracking number which we provide. GetMyParcel is your cost-effective solution for shipping luggage.


Do you need more assistance?

Don’t worry our team will help you in the best way. We are available all day along you can clear your queries and doubts instantly with us please feel free to contact us.

People who loves us!

No worries we got you covered

Student Relocation

Planning to study abroad ? Then we take care of your belonging. We can ship luggage’s at cheap rates for you.

Moving Abroad/

Relocation made simple with us just sit down and relax our team will help you.


Holidays are meant to be enjoyment. we make your holiday burdenless by providing hustle free shipping worldwide.

Send Gifts

Gift represents love. We represent our love in a way by safely sending your gift to loved ones. You can send gifts to worldwide.                  

Why choose us


Safety and Security

Everyone is conscious of their valuable documents and assets, that’s why we take the safety and security of our customers’ packages seriously. We understand the importance of sending important documents like passports, legal documents, and confidential company files. We take great care to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely and on time. We have years of experience in handling and shipping different models of bikes, and we use the best way to ship a bike that guarantees its safety and security. We always try our best to keep our costs at a minimum for every services. We use a variety of security measures such as tamper-evident packaging, GPS tracking, and signature confirmation to assure the security of the documents and goods. Whether you’re sending old passport back for renewal or need to send a new passport, we have the solution for everything. We also offer the cheapest way to ship golf clubs internationally, without compromising the safety and security of your clubs. Trust us to send documents anywhere in the world.

Just stay in home we will take care your luggage’s and deliver to you faster and safer. Ship  with us now.


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