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General Question

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Various countries or postcodes may have distinct delivery times, collection cut-off times, and service availability. When you input your shipment details in the Quick Quote, the system will display the services and transit times specific to the destination you've chosen. This ensures accurate information tailored to each location's logistics and service parameters.

Yes, it is possible, but it must fall within the collection cut-off time for your specific area. When using Quick Quote, all available collection and delivery options will be presented to you. If same-day collection is available at the time of your Quick Quote, it will be provided as an option.

Surcharges are influenced by the type of shipment you send. Factors such as large items or deliveries to remote areas may apply additional charges. Please refer to the question below
about remote area surcharges for more details.

Can surcharges be added to my shipment after it's sent and not included in my quote?

Yes, if you miss declare the dimensions of your parcel, the following charges may be applied: Misdeclaration – Administration Charge
Special Handling Over Limit Fee (If the parcel is oversize). Additionally, if there is a problem with delivery, the following surcharges may be applied:
Undeliverable Shipments
Address Correction

A Remote Area Surcharge is applied per shipment when the delivery destination is a remote area. Remote areas include islands, highlands, postcodes that are challenging to serve, or suburbs/towns that are distant, inaccessible, or infrequently served. The specific list of remote areas varies among carriers and incurs an additional cost. This surcharge is applicable for both pickup and delivery.

Please note that the Remote Area Surcharge amount is not initially displayed on the website during the order placement. If applicable, our customer service will
provide this information to you either by phone or email after the order is placed. The associated
cost is the customer's responsibility and can be paid separately as guided by our customer
service team. You have the option to decide whether to proceed with the order, based on the
communicated Remote Area Surcharge amount (subject to terms and

Volumetric weight refers to the billing weight of a parcel, calculated based on its size rather than
its physical weight. The parcel is billed using either its physical weight or volumetric weight,
whichever is greater. When you input the dimensions of each parcel,
automatically computes the volumetric weight for you. Alternatively, you can utilize our
volumetric weight calculator on the homepage within the quote box for quick and accurate

Entering incorrect information during shipment creation may result in a price adjustment. If we
need to modify the shipment price due to inaccuracies in weight or dimensions, an
administration charge of £5 will be applied. For further details, please refer to our additional
surcharges information in this FAQ.

Basically, two labels are generated for each package – the main label affixed to the package
and the 'archive label' provided separately to the driver. Additionally, a manifest is printed for
each shipment, and it should be signed by the driver upon collection. This signed manifest
serves as your proof of shipping. Failure to obtain the driver's signature on the manifest may
impact your ability to file a claim in the event of lost goods.

At Get My Parcel, we are committed to resolving transit delays efficiently. Various factors can
impact a shipment, including:

Collection and delivery problems:

Collection issues – Difficulty locating your home or office.
Delivery issues – Challenges in locating the delivery address.

Delays outside our control:

•Weather-related delays
•Customs delays (Applicable when shipping outside the EU)
•Technical problems with flights
•Vehicle breakdowns
•Courier running out of time due to road congestion or accidents
Courier delays:
•Errors at the depot, leading to a delay in shipping or dispatching your parcel.
Misrouting of your parcel to an incorrect depot for delivery.
While we strive to minimize these delays, some circumstances may be beyond our control. Rest
assured, we actively work to address any issues that arise during the shipping process.

Generally, a morning collection may not be possible. You can set a package ready time,
extending up to 3pm, subject to your area's conditions. Collection of your package will occur
between the specified time and 5.30pm

Each postcode can have a different delivery time, different collection cut off time and different service availability. When you enter your shipment information in the Quick quote, it will show you the available services and transit times for that particular destination.

Yes however it must be within the collection cut of time for your area. A Quick quote will always present all the available collection and delivery options to you, so if there is a same day collection available at the time you do the quick quote, and will give you that option.


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