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Frequently Asked Questions

This page should only be considered as general advice.

Registration is free, and is a very quick process to complete the registration.

You’re under no obligation to register for using this website, however in order to book a parcel registration must be done. Once you register you will:

  1. be able to book parcels using the best available rates.
  2. receive discounts in forms of promo codes that we bring out time to time on special occasions
  3. view and be informed about your current and past orders.

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Business Users

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Each postcode can have a different delivery time, different collection cut off time and different service availability. When you enter your shipment information in the Quick quote,it will show you the available services and transit times for that particular destination.

Yes however it must be within the collection cut of time for your area. A Quick quote will always present all the available collection and delivery options to you, so if there is a same day collection available at the time you do the quick quote, and will give you that option.

Surcharges are dependent on the type of shipment you send. There are surcharges for large items or deliveries to remote areas. Refer – what is a remote area surcharge question below.

If you misdeclare the dimensions of your parcel then the following charges may be applied:

  • Mis declaration – administration charge
  • Special Handling
  • Over limit Fee (If the parcel is oversize)

If there is a problem with delivery, the following surcharges may be applied:

  • Undeliverable Shipments
  • Address Correction
  • Storage

A surcharge is applied per shipment when the delivery destination location is remote. Remote is defined as islands and highlands; or a post code/zip code that is difficult to serve; or a suburb/town that is distant, inaccessible or infrequently served. This list changes from carrier to carrier and involves a cost. This is applicable for both – Pickup and Delivery.

This amount / surcharge is not shown on the website while order is placed. If applicable, this information will be provided to you by our customer service after an order is placed either by phone or via email. This cost is to be borne by the customer. Payment can be made for this amount separately as advised by our customer services team at that point in time. Do note that, you can always decide to not continue with the order (subject to terms and conditions) if you choose to based on the remote area surcharge amount communicated.

Refer our Terms and Conditions for more information on Surcharges.

A parcel is billed on either its physical weight or volumetric weight, whichever is the great. When you enter the dimensions of each parcel, automatically calculates the volumetric weight for you. You can also use our volumetric weight calculator on home page in the quote box.

If you enter the wrong information when creating a shipment, then the price will change. If we have to adjust the price of your shipment due to in-accuracies in the weight or dimensions, there is an administration charge of �5. Please see our additional surcharges information in this FAQ for more information.

There will normally be two labels produced for each package. The main copy goes on each package and the space label, known as the ‘archive label’ is given separately to the driver. In addition for each shipment there is also a manifest printed, which should be signed by the driver upon collection. This is your proof of shipping. If you don’t get your manifest signed then you may be unable to claim for your goods if they are lost.

Get My Parcel is not just any courier, we help resolve delays in transit. There are all sorts of delays that can affect a shipment in transit, here follows some examples:

Collection and delivery problems:

  • Collection problems – The courier may not be able to locate your home or office.
  • Delivery problems – The courier may not be able to locate the delivery address.

Delays outside our control:

  • Weather delays
  • Customs delays (If shipping outside the EU)
  • Flight technical problems
  • Vehicle breakdown
  • Courier may run out of time due to congestion on the road or accidents

Courier delays:

  • The depot may make an error and not ship or dispatch your parcel for delivery.
  • Your parcel may be miss-routed to the incorrect depot for delivery.

Probably not. You can specify a package ready time, which may be up until 3pm, although this depends on your area. Your package will be collected between this time and 5.30pm

We can arrange great import rates. Please visit for a competitive quote.

We can only collect boxes, letters and jiffy bags under our normal services. Please note that we also have a Pallet service available through Quote and book

Collections are up until 5.30pm. Please feel free to contact us after 4pm if you are concerned about your collection, and we can check with the depot.

Get My Parcel are a courier broker( reseller) and therefore not the collecting agent, all services collection are non-guaranteed and we are therefore only able to provide a refund of postage for failed collections on service.

Get My Parcel are a courier broker and therefore not the collecting agent. We have very few collection issues, but if the collection does not take place please contact us so that we are aware and can rearrange your collection with the carrier

If your consignment was sent on a guaranteed service then you will receive a full refund should the delivery exceed the guaranteed time.

The driver will always attempt to collect during the requested time slot where possible. The time slot however is only a request and should the driver not be able to collect during this period they could attempt outside of this slot between the hours of 9 � 5.30pm.The driver would always rather attempt than not attempt at all if they cannot collect during the requested time slot, but we really do get very few issues of this nature as the time slots displayed are supplied by the carrier knowing when the driver is due to be in your area.

On the initial page of Quote & Book each service will display the next available collection date. Depending on the time of day some services may offer a collection the same day as booking.
Collection dates are listed up to seven days ahead so you can plan your orders in advance.

This is unpredictable and is at the discretion of the customs in the destination country. If they do impose charges, the recipient will be contacted by the customs directly and we cannot get involved in the process

The simple answer is to be as descriptive as possible. Never put ‘gift’ or ‘goods’ as this will delay the item in customs whilst the classify exactly what the item is. You must enter every item individually and be as descriptive as possible to avoid delay.Please also note that Personal affects are ‘Restricted’ through our site and is sent are at the customers own risk. Personal affects can also attract higher customs charges.

The value entered must be for the replacement value of the goods, therefore there should never be a need to put a nil value. The Value of any goods sent must be able to be proven in the shape of a Purchase receipt in the event of a claim. For this reason Personal affects should not be sent and can attract a higher customs charge. Please note – As it is difficult to prove the value of Personal Affects they are listed under our Prohibited items. They can be sent, but it is at the customers own risk and no claim can be made in the event of damage or Loss.

An accurate description and reason for Export must be entered on The Customs invoice. If customs find different items than declared or an incorrect reason for export stated (such as Gift when actually purchased) then a Surcharge could be applied or the shipment returned.

In order to keep our prices low, we cannot take telephone bookings.

We currently accept the following payment methods:Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo, Delta, Electron and Paypal as well as the option to Store cards and Pre Pay on account. Please contact us if you require more information.

Not normally. If you are a limited company and send more than 50 packages a week, we may be able to offer you an account subject to status.

Some of our services need a Shipping Label to be attached to your packages, so you will need to be able to print these out. For this, you will need a good quality printer.

Promotional offers will be available from time to time where we will be able to offer varying discounts for our customers to benefit from. Terms & Conditions apply.

Please e-mail with the required changes and we will confirm if we are able to amend the booking or whether you will need to rebook

We operate a parcel delivery service. Every item must be boxed (or jiffy bag / envelope depending on size) to travel in our system.

You must label all packages clearly with the destination address. When you book with us, you will be given the option to print out address labels.

We can only accept items that are professionally packed within a box ready for the driver. The item must be cushioned, protected with suitable outer packaging and the corners protected. If the item is not correctly packaged the driver may refuse to collect and if the contents are not protected adequately any claim will be invalidated if damage occurs in transit.

You need to know this information to use our services. If these details are wrong, you will be charged the extra postage costs plus a �15 administration fee.

Please ensure you have selected the correct size Pallet to accommodate your goods and that the goods do not overhang. All goods must be shrink wrapped securely onto the Pallet. Should the carrier be providing the Pallet the goods must still be shrink wrapped as quickly as possible whilst the driver waits. Please note a surcharge may apply should the driver be kept waiting longer than 15 minutes.

We accept all major credit / debit cards as supported by our payment gateway provider. Refer our home page for card logos supported.

If the goods are damaged, please sign to accept but note that the goods are damaged.

If the goods are damaged, please sign to accept but note that the goods are damaged. If you sign for the goods in ‘Good Condition’ you will not be able to process a claim.

If the goods are damaged, packaging must be kept in case the goods need inspecting with the packaging. If the packaging is not kept this could invalidate your claim.

In order to process a claim the following are needed:

  • Photograph of the item
  • Photograph and description of the packaging
  • An invoice showing the value of the consignment

Only the person that placed the order can start a claim and only the person who placed the order will be paid out.

All claims must be received within 28 days of the date of booking. We will not be able to process claims received after this date.

The industry standard to resolve a claim is 8-12 weeks. Interparcel aim to conclude any claim received within 28 working days.

The damaged item must not be moved until the claim is completed as this will invalidate the claim. If the claim is paid out in full, the item will not be returned. If repair costs are paid the item will be delivered back to you if you wish.

Please email all the relevant information to