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Become a GetMyParcel Affiliate

GetMyParcel is a Software Platform for Courier Services with extensive functionalities and built in Solution for a Complete Courier Business. This platform is fully Customizable and Extensible to fit to business needs in different countries / locations or Logistics Usecases.

We are Open for Affiliates and Partners all over the World. Do get in touch with us today by sending us an email at –

Who is an Affiliate?

Affiliate is someone who brings business to GetMyParcel by Selling available Services Portfolios (or) Software. An affiliate however has to be registered upfront under the Affiliate Program to be eligible for the commission. An Affiliate can be a Person or a Company, and can be located globally anywhere in the world. Once enrolled, an Affiliate is eligible for a pre-agreed commission on every logistics sale order that has come through them.

For e.g. if an Affiliate XYZ brings in a business ACME pvt Ltd, as a client to GetMyParcel, then for every order raised by ACME Pvt Ltd, the affiliate XYZ is eligible for the commission.

How to come Onboard the Affiliate Program?

Being an affiliate is like being a Sales partner for Life. If you / company are interested, get in touch with us via email at, and we will have a chat/ meet up. An agreement will be put forward to be agreed between GetMyParcel and the Affiliate which details out the terms and conditions for the affiliate. Post this agreement, Affiliates are free to pursue for clients under the agreed terms and work on building business.

All orders coming through the affiliate are eligible for commissions, guided by the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Who does this Affiliate Business Fit Best ?

To be a GetMyParcel Affiliate, your typical profile would be:

  1. You are a Sales Freelancer / Sales Professional looking for increasing your topline
  2. You are a Professional Sales company who wish to increase your sales portfolio
  3. You are a Student / Out of school person, who are keen to get into Sales

A typical customer profile will be:

  1. Anyone / Any business who have Courier or Logistics needs. Almost all businesses have logistics needs – they need to get raw material / or / sell products within / outside UK
  2. Any Courier businesses who want to go Online and start using software or switch to a new software. This could be from any country / any language.
  3. Any businesss who have logistics needs and want to use a software to manage their function.

How much does GetMyParcel Software Cost?

Please get in touch with us for a discussion around costing. Do get in touch with us today by sending us an email at –


Interested ?