IT Employees Relocation

IT Employees Relocation or "ITRELO" is a customised "Value added logistics service" from GetMyParcel, which provides complete Parcel Solution for IT Employees moving into (or) out of UK.

As with IT Employees working for Services Companies (or) other Product companies, it is very common to move in and out of UK for various IT projects - or - assignments.

We help IT Employees to make this movement seamless, by taking care of their logistics needs. Simply raise a ITRELO order with us, and we will take care of getting your items delivered to your destination safely.

Read more about how ITRELO works using simple questions and answers format below.

I am relocating from UK. How do I transfer my Excess Baggage ?

Our ITRELO service makes your move from UK to your home country (or) to any other destination, as easy as it can be. You simply have to book a order with us at and we will take care of collecting your personal affects from "your home in UK" and deliver it to "delivery address in home country".

With this service you are entitled to 3 free 25 kg capacity cardboard boxes*

* Entitlement limited by choice of service to one specific courier supplier and subject to availability.
Supplier reserves the right to cancel this request for cardboard boxes.

I am relocating to UK. How do I transfer my luggage ?

With GetMyParcel's ITRELO service, its again very simple.Simply book an order at (or) send an email to and we will get the parcel collected from your home address and deliver it to your address in UK.

Which countries does GetMyParcel's ITRELO service cover ?

For the ITRELO Service, currently we cover the following "Primary" countries:

  • UK
  • India
  • USA

Our suppliers provide services in 220 countries worldwide, so if your country is not in the list above, please feel free to Contact Us and we will be able to advise you on providing service to you.

Employees of which Software companies are offered this service ?

If you are a part of any of these companies, you can avail this service:

  • Infosys
  • CTS
  • Wipro
  • TCS
  • HCL
  • HCL
  • UST Global
  • Sapient
  • Others+

+if you are part of any other company that are not listed in this list, then you should get in touch with us directly, ideally after talking to your HR, so that we can get in touch with your HR and agree on corporate discount rates. Your can still avail ITRELO services meanwhile.

How much does it cost me ?

This depends highly on your materials are packaged and what it contains. Check out our quote system in the right side panel and that should give you an approximate quote* for your materials.

Either ways, it's convenient to get in touch with us, and we will be able to help you find the best product that suits you.

Who are we ? is a online logistics service provider in the UK. We work with most of the industry best courier service providers and provide logistics solution to online users & business customers from UK / in UK to collect and deliver documents or parcels worldwide.

Can I choose the logistics Provider ?

ITRELO is a packaged service, and we have packaged very good and reliable service providers. For most cases, you do not have to choose your courier provider and this is completely handled by our customer services.

However, if you feel really strongly about it then we can provide you with choice of more service providers that are associated with GetMyParcel.

How do I track my parcel ?

Once your parcel is dispatched from our "Get My Shopping" address to your delivery address (as mentioned in order), we will send you a email with the Parcel number (AWB) and name of service provider undertaking the delivery. You may track your parcel on the courier service provider's website^ We will send you the link of the courier service provider's website with instructions on how to track your parcel using the AWB.

^ subject to the courier provider.

Do I need to insure my parcel ?

Yes, you may. It is purely your choice. We never recommend any specific insurance provider on our website, however if you wish so, we can definitely insure the parcel for you. You will need to get in touch with our customer service, with your order number for insuring the parcel. They will intimate you insurance options and prices, which you may pay and proof of insurance will be emailed to you.

What if I have more questions ?

Contact us via email at - , with your phone number (including country code) and a preferred time for call & we would be happy to arrange a call with you at a convenient time.

Few most commonly asked questions

I have already relocated to my home country and my belongings are in the UK with my friend's / colleagues house. How is this process different in this case?

This again is a common scenario that we deal with commonly. There are few additional conditions that are applicable for this case.

As you are already in your home country, you have to raise a order with Ideally, your parcel should reach your home country /destination within 15 days of your arrival. Your friend / colleague will have to keep your parcel ready for collection. Do note that your luggage should be packaged by yourself before leaving UK. Shipment will be delivered at your doorstep (/ destination address in order) after completion of customs procedures@.

@ Subject to Customs Duty and other charges at the destination port.

I am relocating from UK, and don't have address in destination city where I have to send my baggage. How can I send my belongings so that I can reach there and collect the same ?

  • Basic Rule : You can only send a parcel to a person who has a "address" in destination city.

    • For e.g. if you are sending a parcel to India, this is enforced by Indian Customs, by having to provide a KYC - Know your customer - documents in India. This includes the ID proof and Address proof - of the person to whom you are addressing your parcel.
    • For other countries, this rule might be slightly different.
  • In other words, if you still do not have a address to the city you are travelling to, then you cannot send the parcel anonymously (or) in your name without a address proof.
  • So what should I do ?

Can I send any fragile items?

We recommend that all fragile goods should be packed by a professional packing agent, and all the packing has to be airworthy.Please do get in touch with our customer service

before sending any such parcels. For valuable items, we do recommend considering insuring the parcel. Also, do go through Prohibited items terms and conditions to verify about any items that cannot be sent via courier services.

Additional ITRELO Terms and Conditions

  • We reserve right to change the service providers at any time, without any notification / consultation.
  • Although highly unlikely, we reserve the right to reject your order without giving any explanations.
  • All contents in the parcel are subjected to GetMyParcel terms and conditions, Prohibited items terms and conditions.
  • We cannot accept any liability for any damaged or lost parcels.All the goods has to be airworthy packing. It is purely upto you insure your parcels if you deem it necessary.
  • All advice provided by our customer service agents are subject to the issue in hand and the details mentioned to us over the communication.
  • You cannot change the service provider once the collection has been booked (or) at any stage after this point
  • You cannot cancel your order once the goods has been collected by the courier provider.
  • All refunds are subject to GetMyParcel Refunds policy.
  • Any customs duty and local authority charges are not included in our prices and payable by the receiver (consignee) at the destination.
  • All the shipment to India require KYC (Know your Customer) documents to clear at the port.