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Planning to relocate to the USA?

Here is all you need to know

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  • Book online.
  • Print the label we send you and attach it on the parcel.
  • Our team will come and pick your order.
  • Finally Delivered to you.

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What Can You Ship..

  • Ship Suitcase
  • Ship Boxes
  • Ship Bikes 
  • Ship Musical Instruments
  • Ship Golf

Check out Prohibited Items

  • Personal Effects
  • Gifts
  • Commercial Goods

Personal effects refer to the belongings and items exclusively used by an individual and not intended for gifting purposes. They encompass various items such as clothing, books, and sports equipment that one may bring along during travels or send as part of a relocation process.

Please adhere to the following guidelines regarding your personal effects:

  • Personal effects should be exclusively used by the owner/sender and not intended as gifts. If you are sending a gift package to another individual or a commercial purchase package, please select the 'Gift' or 'Commercial' options when placing your order.
  • The rules and regulations concerning taxes and duties on personal items shipped to the USA differ based on various factors, including the type of item, its value, and the country of origin. However, as a general rule, there is a de minimis value of $800 for goods shipped to the USA. This implies that items with a total declared value below $800 are usually exempt from duties and taxes.
  • If you are shipping personal items like clothing, books, or personal electronics, and their combined declared value is below $800, you should typically be exempt from paying any duties or taxes. However, it is important to note that if the total declared value of your items surpasses $800, you may be obligated to pay duties and taxes on the excess value.
  • Please be aware that Getmyparcel has no control over these charges, as the customs officer will determine the actual amount for the parcel.
  • The United States allows gift packages with a maximum value of $100 to be sent to any individual in a single day. However, for the Insular Territories, which are US territories that are not one of the 50 states or the Federal District of Columbia, the allowance is increased to $200 per person.
  • If your shipment is declared a 'Gift' and its value falls below the USA's gift limit of $100, you may qualify for duty-free entry. However, if the value of the gift exceeds $100, the recipient may be required to pay duty, taxes, and a handling fee.
  • The limit on gift value is generally set relatively low to avoid commercial shipments being wrongly declared as duty-free gifts.
  • All gifts sent to the USA are subject to VAT/duty, and the assessment of these fees is solely at the discretion of the customs inspectors who evaluate the goods.
  • We recommend that you verify the guidelines for a gift's eligibility and maximum value so that customs authorities can classify your item accordingly. Sometimes, you may be required to wrap and label the package as a gift.
  • Regarding spectacles, contact lenses, sunglasses, and other optical wear, the US customs classify them as medical equipment. They will require a Drop Ball Certificate as evidence, which can be obtained from the optical manufacturer. If you cannot obtain the certificate, we recommend not to ship optics, as the entire shipment may be returned without success.
  • While Get My Parcel's partners collect the mentioned fees, we have no authority over these fees and do not benefit from them in any manner.
  • A shipment is classified as commercial when a transaction between the shipper and the recipient occurs. This could involve a business sending goods or an individual importing newly purchased items online.
  • Customs taxes will be calculated based on the shipment's declared value and commodity code.
  • Any commercial item sent to the USA is subject to VAT/duty. The assessment of these fees solely relies on the customs inspectors' discretion when evaluating the goods.
  • Customs authorities may use the commercial clearance route as a comprehensive option for handling freight that does not meet the criteria for other duty-free clearance routes.
  • While Get My Parcel's partners collect the mentioned fees, we have no authority over these fees and do not benefit from them in any manner.