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Planning to relocate to the Australia?

Here is all you need to know

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What Can You Ship..

  • Ship Suitcase
  • Ship Boxes
  • Ship Bikes 
  • Ship Musical Instruments
  • Ship Golf

Check out Prohibited Items

  • Personal Effects
  • Gifts
  • Commercial Goods

When you want to send luggage to Australia, it is essential to understand the specific considerations and procedures involved. Personal effects refer to previously used items, including clothing, books, and other belongings commonly taken on trips or send during relocations. These goods are often associated with individuals who have recently traveled or are traveling to the destination. Additionally, personal effects can encompass sports equipment and household furnishings, forming part of the shipped items. If your shipment does not consist of used personal effects, it is important not to misrepresent it as such. Instead, suppose you are sending a gift package or shipping on behalf of a business. In that case, it is advisable to select the appropriate option such as 'Gift' or 'Commercial' when making the booking. This ensures an accurate declaration of the contents and avoids any confusion or misclassification during shipping.

Australia’s Customs Clearance of Personal Effects 

When it comes to Australia's customs clearance of personal effects, understanding the specific procedures and requirements is essential, especially when you need to ship luggage to Australia.

  • To ensure the clearance of personal effects into Australia, it is currently mandatory to complete a B534 form, which is provided by Get My Parcel. 
  • Additionally, Australian customs require a copy of the receiver's passport. 
  • To streamline the process, you will have the convenience of uploading a copy of the consignee's passport directly from within your Get My Parcel account.
  •  By fulfilling these requirements, you can facilitate the smooth transit of your personal effects and comply with the necessary regulations for shipping to Australia.
  • When shipping used personal effects, it is important to declare a value of less than $1000. Exceeding this value may result in extended customs clearance time and the potential imposition of duties and taxes.
  •  By adhering to the recommended declared value, you can ensure a smoother customs process and minimize the likelihood of incurring additional fees or delays.
  • Australia maintains a rigorous Biosecurity System, which means that shipments containing items like foodstuffs or wooden products may undergo Australian Border Force quarantine clearance. This can lead to customs delays and additional inspection charges.
  •  Furthermore, the Australian Border Force may scrutinize products that have had contact with plants and animals outside of Australia, including items like shoes, hiking equipment, and other outdoor sports gear. 
  • To mitigate any issues, customers should ensure these items are thoroughly cleaned before shipping to comply with the necessary biosecurity requirements.
  • Please be aware that upon the shipment's arrival in Australia, the clearance team will reach out to you to facilitate the necessary clearance process. 
  • To ensure the clearance of personal effects into the country, Australia mandates the completion of a B534 form. 
  • If a shipment is declared as a gift, it may qualify for duty-free entry as long as the value of the gift falls below the gift limit set by the destination country.
  • However, if the value exceeds the limit, the receiver may be liable to pay duties, taxes, and a handling fee (which can vary by destination). 
  • It is important to note that these fees are collected by the partners of Get My Parcel in the destination country. 
  • Get My Parcel does not have any control over these fees and does not derive any profit from duties, taxes, or handling fees associated with gifts.


  • Shipments are generally categorized as commercial when there has been a transaction between the shipper and recipient. This can include scenarios such as businesses dispatching goods or individuals importing newly purchased items from online sources. In such cases, the nature of the transaction classifies the shipment as commercial rather than personal.
  • Our partner in the destination country will typically collect duties, taxes, and a handling fee before the delivery of goods. 
  • The customs authorities of each country usually calculate the taxes based on the declared value provided during the next step of the process. It's important to note that tax rates will vary depending on the destination. 
  • Customs authorities may utilize the commercial clearance route as a general option for shipments that do not fulfill the requirements for other duty-free clearance routes. In such cases, when shipments do not qualify for specific duty-free options, they are typically processed through the commercial clearance route.
  • Please be aware that Getmyparcel has no control over these charges, as the customs officer will determine the actual amount for the parcel.