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  • Personal Effects
  • Gifts
  • Commercial Goods

If you are planning to bring personal effects into New Zealand, whether as part of a permanent relocation or a temporary stay, it is essential to understand the customs clearance process.Customs clearance involves the necessary procedures and documentation required to ensure the smooth and lawful importation of personal belongings.

Customs clearance of personal effects in New Zealand

  • It is advisable not to send holiday baggage and other time-sensitive packages through this route due to potential delays and additional charges during customs clearance in New Zealand.
  • To clear items through New Zealand customs, a completed NZCS218 form and a copy of the receiver's passport are required.
  • New Zealand maintains strict biosecurity measures and shipments containing foodstuffs or wooden products may undergo clearance via New Zealand Biosecurity. This can lead to customs delays and extra fees for inspection.
  • Biosecurity officials may also scrutinize items that have come into contact with plants and animals outside of New Zealand, including shoes, hiking equipment, and other outdoor sports gear. It is important for customers to thoroughly clean such items before shipping to avoid potential issues.
  • In certain cases, New Zealand customs may require the consignee to personally clear the shipments before they are released and delivered. Unfortunately, "Get My Parcel" is unable to assist with this process.
  • If you choose to use our shipping agents to handle the customs clearance on your behalf, they will charge a fee of approximately $230. This fee covers the submission of customs paperwork and the acquisition of customs clearance for your items. It is important to note that this service involves direct communication between the receiver and the agent's customs broker and Get My Parcel cannot assist in this regard.
  • Alternatively, the consignee has the option to visit a New Zealand customs office and self-clear the shipments at a reduced fee of around $46. If you decide to clear the items at a customs office, please be aware that upon release, customs officials will provide you with certain documents that need to be emailed to the delivery agent. This step is necessary to facilitate the final delivery of your items.
  • The New Zealand Customs Authority operates 14 offices across the country that are available for processing self-clearance requests. These offices are strategically located throughout New Zealand, providing convenient access for individuals who need to personally handle the customs clearance of their shipments.
  • While the majority of shipments entering New Zealand are not stopped by customs, it is important to note that customs has the authority to stop any shipment for further inspection or processing at their discretion. 
  • In cases where customs holds a shipment, "Get My Parcel" is unable to facilitate the clearance process. Instead, the consignee will need to arrange self-clearance either in person or through our designated courier partner. It is crucial to be aware that additional clearance delays and fees may apply in such circumstances.
  • Please be aware that Getmyparcel has no control over these charges, as the customs officer will determine the actual amount for the parcel.



  • If a shipment is declared as a gift, it may qualify for duty-free entry in the destination country, provided that the value of the gift falls below the specified gift limit.
  •  However, if the value exceeds the limit, the receiver may be required to pay duty, taxes, and a handling fee (fees vary by destination). 
  • It is important to note that these fees are collected by Get My Parcel's partners in the destination country, and "Get My Parcel" does not have any control over these fees or benefit financially from duties, taxes, or handling fees associated with gifts.


  • Shipments are generally considered commercial when there is a transaction between the shipper and the recipient. 
  • This can include scenarios such as a business sending out goods or an individual importing newly purchased items from an online platform. 
  • In such cases, the shipment is treated as a commercial transaction rather than a personal gift or non-commercial import.