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Get My Shopping

Get My Shopping is a customised “value added logistics service”, which helps online shoppers around the world to buy online from “retailers in UK” who do not provide worldwide shipping and get the product delivered to anywhere in world to their own home.

There are many online retailers in UK which provide quality products but do not provide international shipping for their purchases. We bridge this gap, by shipping these products using our custom online parcel service.

This page attempts to explain this service in simple terms and provide all information to make your online purchases from a UK online retailer as smooth as possible.

How does
"Get My Shopping"
Service work?

“Get My Shopping” is a customized value-added service that allows purchasers from the outside UK to place their orders with UK-based online retailers for their quality products. We simply receive your ordered parcel and forward this as is – in original packaging to your delivery address+

+ Contents of parcels are subject to – Prohibited items terms and conditions

I want to buy from a UK Online Retailer. How do I start ?
This is a two step process:
Step 1 : Retailer Website
order #XXX
Product #XXX
Price #XX
Price #XX
Price #XX
order #XXX
Place your order with your preferred online retailer. When asked for a "Delivery Address" to deliver the products to, mention the "Get My Shopping" delivery address in the UK. The online retailer will then deliver your product to the "Get My Shopping" address.
Step 2 : Getparcel Website
order #XXX
You Delivery
Immediately after you have placed your order with online retailer, you should also create a "Get My Shopping" order in with collection address as - "Get My shopping" and delivery address as your address in your country. Thats it !

Just sit back and wait for your order to be delivered. You may wish to track your parcel with online retailer or with us. Refer further information on tracking below.

Do note that without your order on, we will not be aware of your order on the retailers website to the “Get My Shopping” address.

Also, don’t forget to mention the Name of the RetailerOrder Number and Cost of the Product in your “Get My shopping” order. You will receive a order acknowledgement email immediately after raising the order with confirming the order.

Once we receive your parcel from the retailer, subject to your successful payment status towards order, we will forward your parcel to your delivery address as mentioned in the order. We will send you an email confirming the dispatch of the product from our “Get My Shopping” address.

Who are we ? is a online logistics service provider in the UK. We work with most of the industry best courier service providers and provide logistics solution to online users & business customers from UK / in UK to collect and deliver documents or parcels worldwide.

Should I choose my courier provider ?

Yes, while raising order on, a number of courier options will be provided to you based on the delivery timelines suitable for your country. You have to choose your preferred service and make payments for this service.

How do I track my parcel ?

Once your parcel is dispatched from our “Get My Shopping” address to your delivery address (as mentioned in, we will send you a email with the Parcel number (AWB) and name of service provider undertaking the delivery. You may track your parcel on the courier service provider’s website*. We will send you the link of the courier service provider’s website with instructions on how to track your parcel using the AWB.

* subject to the courier provider

Do I need to insure my parcel ?

Yes, you may. Its purely your choice. We never recommend any particular insurance on our website, however if you wish so, we can definitely insure the parcel for you. You will need to get in touch with our customer service, with your order number for insuring the parcel. They will intimate you insurance options and prices, which you may pay and proof of insurance will be emailed to you.

What if I have more questions ?

Contact us via email at – , with your phone number (including country code) and a preferred time for call & we would be happy to arrange a call with you at a convenient time.