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A customized logistics service

designed for eCommerce Businesses

Our eCommerce Logistics Service is a customised logistics service specifically designed for eCommerce Businesses who operate from UK / or deliver into UK.

When running a eCommerce Business, viz. selling your products via a online website (or) eBay, we do understand that your primary priority is to fulfill your customer orders in shortest amount of time, with utmost r eliability and minimum cost.

Our eCommerce Logistics Service takes care of delivering your orders reliably not just in UK, but in any part of the world. We take logistics headache away from your business, allowing you to focus completely on growing your business.

Please read about more details about this service as a simple questionnaire below.

How does this Service work ?

This is a B2B service offering, specifically designed to fulfill eCommerce Orders.

We usually have two points of engagement with your business on the Order fulfilment side

As your customers order products on your website, they can be presented with a list of courier service options based on the destination country & considered weight of the product, usually towards the end of the order – to confirm on their shipping preferences.

This can either be provided as realtime (by making your eCommerce Solution talk to GetMyParcel’s Business portal APIs) – or – in a stored rates provided by us, whichever works out best for your business.

Post order confirmation (or along with the order confirmation), a “logistics request” will need to be logged GetMyParcel. Once done, our service provider will collect your order (packaged by you for delivery) at the designated collection date / time slot from your warehouse and deliver to the destination address of the customer.

This “logistics request” can either be raised :

Manually – by logging in – into our GetMyParcel Business Portal Software by your business operations personnel (or) Automated mode – by integrating your eCommerce Software with GetMyParcel business portal via our APIs.
Once we receive the request, your packaged parcel / order will be collected and delivered to the customers. You can always track the parcel* by logging in into your business portal, immaterial of whether its a manual or automated process.
We also service at the Material Procurement, however this will depend on the quantity of goods that you are getting delivered.
Just give us a call (or) drop us an email at – so that we can explain the processes around these better.

* based on capability of service provider.

Is it applicable only for Parcels (or) also Documents?

It could be either parcels or your documents. Your business, your way !

It could be Sales Brochure to Prospective Clients, or official letters among your sub-offices, or letters / invoices to your suppliers worldwide+.

They are both sent via your choice of underlying courier service providers*.

* subject to your chosen service providers for each type of parcel

+ subject to your chosen service providers services in those area

Why choose GetMyParcel as my logistics provider ?

Choosing us against any individual courier providers, will get your business the following advantages:

  1. Choice of multiple suppliers to choose from which best fits your business needs.
  2. No lock-in with any one courier supplier, or their processes. You can switch anytime to another courier provider, without any change in your processes.
  3. Streamlined Customer Service. In case of any issues with your orders stuck anywhere, our customer service will get involved and track those end to end*.
  4. Your customers get multiple courier service options and industry best rates to choose from.

* subject to contract

Yes, of course !

Our state of the art GetMyParcel Software Solution allows you to raise logistics request from your supplier to your warehouse (or) from your warehouse to any of your customer’s destination address.

You can deal with all your logistics request from a single access point – either from our Business Portal (or) by integrating our APIs directly with your eCommerce business software.

This “logistics request” can be raised by the following mechanisms:

  • Manually – by logging in – into our GetMyParcel Business Portal Software. This could be done either by your business operations personnel (or) by warehouse personnel once the order is ready to ship. Details of this process will be ironed out based on your needs, and separate business “logins” will be crated on our Customer Portal as needed.
  • Automated mode – by integrating your eCommerce Software with GetMyParcel business portal via our APIs. This model allows instant request to be created on GetMyParcel’s business portal either from your eCommerce website (or) from your admin software. This will require a integration using our REST APIs once before going live with this business. Our IT team will support you throughout this process.

Our customer services keep track of all parcels that go through GetMyParcel*. In case you need to, you can track any of your orders, by simply logging in into our Business Portal > tracking orders. If the courier service provider servicing your order provides tracking service, then GetMyParcel will usually provide a link from our business portal to track the orders directly.

* subject to contract

There are multiple payment options available for businesses. Please do get in touch for further discussion on this topic via email at –

Parcels or Documents will be collected from a location of your choice – usually from any of your warehouses (or) offices.

If you have multiple warehouses (or) offices, then you can add them upfront on the GetMyParcel Business Portal. Once added, these addresses will be available for you to raise orders on GetMyParcel.

You can always add / manage these locations either directly from the order (or) from your Business portal login.

Our suppliers provide services in 220 countries worldwide, so we cover all countries is covered by our service providers.

Please get in touch to understand rates for each of these countries.

This depends highly on weight of materials and their packaging. Also, on the customs or any other costs involved. You may also choose to insure your parcel selectively, which will also add to the cost.

We will be able to help you find the best services and rates that suits your business’s needs. Once we provide the rates, you can then consider them to price your product as well.

Yes ! This is a customized service to suit to your business needs.

Based on our extensive experience in the logistics domain, we are happy to provide our recommendation of the courier services which will suit your needs, however, you can choose any of the courier service providers that you find better.

Yes, you may. It is purely your choice. We never recommend any particular insurance on our website, however if you wish so, we can definitely insure the parcel for you. You will need to get in touch with our customer service, with your order number for insuring the parcel. They will intimate you insurance options and prices, which you may pay and proof of insurance will be emailed to you.

Yes ! Anytime * !

Without much hassle or change in processes at your end, as you will be interacting only with us and we will take care of interacting with the service providers and shield your business from much disruptions.

* subject to business contract is a online logistics service provider in the UK. We work with most of the industry best courier service providers and provide logistics solution to online users & business customers from UK / in UK to collect and deliver documents or parcels worldwide.

We do not run a courier service ourselves, but work with almost all the industry standard Courier providers, which gives your business multiple options to easily switch / get competitive rates without the hassle of dealing with any individual logistics provider.

Simply contact us via email at – , with your phone number (including country code) and a preferred time for call & we would be happy to arrange a call with you at a convenient time.